Forgotten Places Photography

Renee Totten has been taking pictures as a hobby but this turned into a love for her in 2006. Renee’s specific interests include, Historical Buildings, Abandoned Locations, Cemeteries, Portraits, Cities and Landscapes. Weddings have also been another subject of interest to her and she enjoys sharing that special day with the bride and capturing those moments that will last a life time.

She enjoys how a picture can speak volumes about the person behind the camera. A simple subject such as a chair in an empty room or a broken window in an old abandoned house can have such emotion and share so much of its life without a word being said.
Renee has a very different style of photography with using Infrared as one of her favorite techniques that can transform a photo into a complete work of art.

Renee is completely self taught with no formal training but with the support from family and friends to pursue this career it has led her to where she is today. Renee has photos displayed in various locations such as Preston Castle in Ione California and the old Tokeland Hotel here in Tokeland Washington. Renee has traveled to California, Idaho, Montana, Kentucky and West Virginia to chase amazing photographs and capture all these locations have to offer.

Renee was featured in the Paranomicon Magazine in 2 editions and is working on 2 more books to include a photographic journey through Northern State Hospital and Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

Renee has won awards for “Best Portrait”, “Most Creative” and “Honorable Mention” in the Tacoma Photographic Society photography competition held at the Spring Fair in Puyallup Washington.

Renee's future plans are to continue to capture photos of as many historical, abandoned and forgotten locations as possible. She is interested in networking more to get her photos into more galleries. Renee would like to have her photos used for different historical societies that are interested since this is her main focus of forgotten locations. The most important goal for her is to just keep growing as a photographer, learn from all of her experiences and to always be grateful for all of the opportunities that have come her way.